Gangway Optima

Research and Development

The GS Groupe has responded to the market needs by developing a new range of gangways. Optima gangways are built using a new material (technical polyurethane) and FPT technology. This complex technology is a novelty in the nautical industry. We have transferred the technological advantages and the knowledge gained during the development and production of carbon gangways to the new Optima gangway.


The Advantages of Optima Gangways


* Easy to use and store
* Low weight
* Floatable
* Ergonomic shape
* Non-slip walking surface
* Adjusted for use with a lifting rope
* Personalisation


Material Quality


Optima gangways are built using the same high-quality components that are used to guarantee safety in GS Composite’s range of carbon gangways.
For easy attachment, the gangways feature a standard size (ø 25 mm) aluminium male deck fitting. Safe folding is provided by two aluminium hinges that are glued and screwed into the gangways to ensure double safety. All the aluminium parts are made using a CNC machine and anodised. High quality acid-resistant wheels ensure silent movement over the pier surface. The wheel axles are adapted for use with a lifting rope. The walking surface features a light grey anti-slip coating that has been certified for use in the nautical industry. The anti-slip coating allows crossing the gangway barefoot, offering superior grip when the gangway is wet.


Personalisation Options for Optima Gangway


The gangway comes in two basic colours: white and dark blue. Other colours are available for larger orders. For added cachet, the gangway can be personalised with the vessel’s name or registration number. You can order your new Optima gangway in just a few steps directly from your easy chair.


Technical Data


Length: 220/260 cm

Width: 35 cm

Weight: 12/14 kg

Colour: white/dark blue

Length when folded: 110/130 cm

Thickness when folded: 15/17 cm